The province of Assa-Zag has large, promising and until now untapped tourism potential.

Geographically, there is a vast desert, where golden sand dunes and plains rub shoulders, where acacias are disappearing as far as the eye can see, a source of food for the herds of camels, valleys including the famous Oued Drâa, which is located less than ten km from the center of Assa.

Historically, above the oasis of Assa, stands a citadel: the ksar of Assa. A thousand-year-old monument, with its ramparts, towers, alleys, porches, rehabilitated for more than a decade according to well-defined architectural standards, using local materials: dry stones, adobe, wood etc.

Said ksar also contains the zaouia of Assa, founded in the 13th century AD, around which, for centuries, and until today, an annual fair has been held, which attracts thousands of people from all over the country, especially from the three southern regions. Visitors also come from Mauritania, Senegal and Mali, often as part of cultural activities organized on the occasion of the Moussem, dealing with the history of the region, its culture, its historical and economic links with the above-mentioned countries.

The region is of great archaeological wealth. It is full of rock carvings, burial mounds, articles, tools, etc. In terms of craftsmanship, local artisans work with silver, copper, leather and fabric.

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